Notes on My Translation of Psalm 82

For my Hebrew-II course, we are wrapping up the quarter with some Psalms. Previously, I posted some thoughts and notes on Psalm 93. These are my thoughts, notes, questions, and reactions for Psalm 82. I should also clarify that I never look at English translations as I am working through these Psalms. Errors are inevitable.

A Psalm of/by Asaph.

  1. Yahweh [elohim in the text] he has been stationed [N, 3MS, Root: NTsB; dagesh in Ts is the assimilated N] in the assembly [ B preposition= in, with patah is including the DA; in construct] of El [Semitic deity]; in the midst of gods [elohim] he will judge.
  2. How long [ad, until + mtay -> interrogative adv.] will  you judge [2MP, Q, Root: ShPT, Imperfect] injustice [Noun, Masculine, object of verb] and before the wicked ones you will lift up/raise [show partiality to the  wicked; Root: NSA, 2MP, Q, Imperfect].
  3. Judge [MP imperative] (the) poor and orphan; cause to be righteous [H, Imperative, 2MP, DO are the afflicted and poor] the afflicted/poor [substantivized Adjective] and poor [substantivized Q Act. Participle].
  4. Deliver [Imperative, 2MP Piel; especially of Yahweh(BDB) with accusative person] (the) poor and needy; from the hand of the wicked ones, you will snatch away/deliver [H, Root: NTsL, 2MP imperfect; DO is in 4b, poor+needy; dagesh=assimilated N].
  5. They will not know [3CP, Imperfect, Qal, Root: YDAyin] and they will not understand [Qal, Root: BYodN, 3CP, Hollow Root]; in the darkness [fig.=lack of understanding] they will continuously walk [Hithpael, 3CP] the whole foundations [Noun, construct; governing noun] of the earth [governed Noun] they will quake/shake [N, Imperfect, to shake/quake, hollow root].
  6. [I was unsure about how to work through vs. 6].
  7. But indeed [adv. with strong assertive force] like man you will die [Root: MWT, 2MP, binyan?]; and like one of the rulers ou will fall [Root: NPL, Q, 2MP, Imperfect].
  8. Rise [2MS, Imperative, Root: KWM, with paragogic H] Elohim [AKA Adonai/Yahweh]; judge [Q, Imperative, 2MS; irregular form?] the land; from now you will take as possession [Q, Imperfect, Root: NHL, 2MS] all the nations [BDB=”landed property”].

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