About Me

I, William Brown, earned a MA in Hebrew Bible at the University of Chicago Divinity School. My interests include, though are not limited to, anything related to ancient Israelite and Mesopotamian cult rituals, divination, and magic. In my spare time, I love to assist my wife with her work as an actress.



University of Chicago Divinity School (enrolled)

Review Manager for the Ancient History Encyclopedia

Book reviews (Click here to view books reviewed)

TA for Blaine Charette, Northwest University, Fall 2014

TA for Brad Embry, Northwest University, Fall and Spring 2013

Trader Joe’s employee



Cum Laude Graduate at Northwest University


German, Biblical Hebrew, Akkadian

Course Work:

Biblical Hebrew III (Jonah/Joel reading course)

Akkadian Medical Texts

Intermediate Akkadian- Neo-Assyrian Letters

Elementary Akkadian I, II,  and III

Intermediate Classical Hebrew I, II

Biblical Hebrew I, II, and III (Psalms reading course)

Elementary Attic Greek I

Introduction to Hebrew Bible

Introduction to the Study of Religion

English Reading of the Mahabharata



3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. William, I see that you visited my blog, “Inspired Glass.” I hope you visit often. I am mostly taking photos in Kansas City. I grew up in Chicago. Hope you enjoy your study there. I received an MA in English from U of Chi in 1967. There are many wonderful churches and stained glass windows in Chicago. Have a good time exploring. There used to be a wonderful stained glass museum down at Navy Pier, but unfortunately they closed it a couple of years ago. There is a beautiful “Arts and Craft” church at 19th and South Michigan (Second Presbyterian) with several wonderful Tiffany windows and two gems by Bourne-Jones, a rarity in the US. Keep in touch and good luck in Chicago. Bruce

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