Update and Translation

Due to a life circumstances and workload, I’ve been unable to post much recently. However, I do have two important things to put out.

First, I am confirmed to take Akkadian, Hebrew (Psalms reading course), and Old South Arabian next quarter. Needless to say, I am quite excited.

Second, I will offer a rough translation of Psalm 93. I am working on it for my Hebrew class on Friday. I have not looked at any English translations of this text.

Adonai (is) king [ruling]; he is dress (in) majesty [took the act. pt. definition as stative]; Adonai is clothed, he will equip might [as an essential attribute]; he will cause to the earth to be firmly established. It will not die.

Your throne has been established [1] from a time in the past, [2] from forever until now [1 and 2 demonstrate parallelism and define the throne establishment clause].

[1] the rivers of Yahweh lifted; [2] the rivers raised their voices; [3] the rivers of crashing [ocean waves] will lift. [Very unsure about vs. 3].

From the sound of great, majestic waters, the breakers of the sea [Again, I was unsure of the syntax]. Yahweh (is) majestic in the heights (height?) of heaven.

Your many testimonies they have been confirmed [N, 3CP, Perfect, root = AMN]. Your house, Adonai, is befitting forever.


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