Unexplored Facets of Leviticus 10

Within previous posts, I’ve analyzed Leviticus 10 and offered alternative interpretations.

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Unfortunately, as I been reading recently, I noticed that I have been limiting myself to the narrative context of Leviticus 10. Such an approach is problematic because it fails to consider the sources prior to the Pentateuch’s composition, namely the Documentary Hypothesis. Rather than just analyze Leviticus 10, I hope to expand my analysis beyond it and into a fuller understanding of P (Priestly Source) material. By doing so, reading Leviticus 10, and the issues of holy fire, should become more clear, or perhaps more convoluted.

Additionally, this new endeavor will serve as a guide my review of BibleWorks 10. In other words, as I analyze P material, BibleWorks 10 will be my primary source for analysis.

Thoughts? Ideas? Am I missing something?

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