Note on a Helpful Scholar

Right now, I am doing a lot of work on Psalms in the Hebrew Bible. I am trying to employ Mesopotamian models, though. So, one scholar is particularly helpful: Alan Lenzi. Here are a few of his papers which caught my eye.

“Assyriology at the Liberal Arts College: A Report from the Field” (LINK)

“Invoking the God: Interpreting Invocations in Mesopotamian Prayers and Biblical Laments of the Individual” (LINK)

Dead Religion and Contemporary Perspectives:Commending Mesopotamian Data to the Religious Studies Classroom” (LINK)

ABSTRACT: “Ancient Mesopotamian religion offers an under-appreciated body of data to religious studies.Because Mesopotamian religion is ancient and dead, it poses no threat to modern religious convictions. Students approach it with a curious antiquarian’s interest rather than a threatened believer’s resistance and thus freely adopt through it critical concepts in the study of religion. This essay shows how Mesopotamian data can illustrate three such concepts. Moreover, it suggests that because Mesopotamian culture is geographically and chronologically proximate to those that produced the Bible and Quran, this data can provide a unique bridge to critical discussions of the major monotheistic religions.”