Articles to Read

On this page, I will list articles which I hope to read in detail. If it is in bold font, I’ve read it. Also, the vast majority of these will be available through for public reading.

“When the Personal Became Political: An Onomastic Perspective on The Rise of Yahwism” by Seth Sanders (Link)

Administrative Texts, Royal Inscriptions and Neo-Assyrian Administration in the Southern Levant : The View from the Aphek-Gezer Region” by Shawn Aster and Avraham Faust

“Public Religious Sentiment and Personal Piety in the Ancient Near Eastern City of Emar during the Late Bronze Age” by Yoram Cohen

“Scribal Initiative in the Clarification and Interpretation of Mesopotamian Law Collections” by Pamela Barmash (Link)

“Genesis as Myth” by Edmund R. Leach (Link)

“An Early Leviticus Scroll from En-Gedi: Preliminary Publication” by various authors (Link)

“The Near East before Borders: Recent Excavations at Ein el-Jarba (Israel) and the Cultural Interactions of the Sixth Millennium cal. B.C.E.” by Katharina Streit (Link; Restricted Access)

The Establishment of Ur III Dynasty: From the Gutians to the Formation of the Neo-Sumerian Imperial Ideology and Pantheon” by Peeter Espak (Link)