Admitted into School

I just realized that I never formally announced some good news via my blog. I was admitted into the University of Chicago Divinity School to complete my MA! Although won’t be posting nearly as many reviews from new publications, I plan on writing about each book I read for the coursework in order to ensure that I fully grasp the content.

Thank your readership that has encouraged me to continue working diligently!


7 thoughts on “Admitted into School

  1. Congratulations, Will!

    I must warn you, though: one of the PhD students in my program did her Hebrew at UChicago, and she said that the grad students there called it “the place where fun goes to die.”

    Maybe it will be your job to bring some levity to those fun-deprived people. 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing more about your program as you go through. I hope you will be better about posting on your courses than I have been, lol!

    • I’ll take that into consideration. Though, to be totally honest, I am not too worried based on my current drive and circumstances.

      As for courses, I plan on using it primarily as a study tool. I like the idea of “teaching” or “sharing” the information in order to do better in retaining it.

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