Top 8 Books of 2015

I started reviewing books in February. And to be cool (or something like that), I figure I should at least post my top 8 books of the year. I chose eight because, if you ask me, it is a pretty complete number.

8) Oracular Law and Priestly Historiography in the Torah by Simeon Chavel

7) How the Bible Became Holy by Michael L. Satlow

6) The Vision in Job 4 and Its Role in the Book by Ken Brown

5) Ritual Violence in the Hebrew Bible edited by Saul Olya

4) Priestly Blessing in Inscription and Scripture by Jeremy Smoak

3) Priestly Rule by Nathan MacDonald

2) The Conflict Myth and the Biblical Tradition by Debra Scoggins Ballentine

1) A Prophet Like Moses by Jefferey Stackert

5 thoughts on “Top 8 Books of 2015

    • Many thanks! I’m glad to know that they are being used and appreciate your feedback.

      Assuming I get into an MA program soon, they’ll probably slow down or stop next year. But until then, my life is wife, Trader Joe’s, and review.

      • Best of luck applying. I just started my MA program, but I have zero advice on applying, since I only applied to one. (Had to stay in the area for my wife to finish undergrad, and there is only one academic biblical studies graduate program around here.) Get a good night’s sleep before the GRE.

        Where do you get these books, anyway?

      • I am applying to two. We’ll see what happens. As for my GRE’s, I took those in October.

        I request books for reviews directly from publishers. Tis’ quite a simple process.

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