Upcoming Book Reviews and More

This post is oriented towards the next one to two months of this blog. Namely, I will briefly reveal upcoming reviews and posts.


Because it already receives so little attention, I look forward to reviewing Ruth by L. Daniel Hawk, published by IVP. Too often are the Megiloth sidelined because they don’t offer much substance, at least from a quick gleaning. Hopefully Hawk will draw out the nuances and complicated nature of the text.

Identity and Idolatry (Intervarsity Press), by Richard Lints, is the most recent book in the “New Studies in Biblical Theology” series. I look forward to it because it is always intriguing to see how people draw together the many theologies found within the Bible.

An Introduction to the Old Testament (Intervarsity Press) by John Goldingay is another book I look forward to review. With an intense interest in the Hebrew Bible, I am always intrigued to see how it is presented, especially with regard to controversial theological topics like “law verses grace” and how source criticism is discussed.

Yale University Press recently sent Revelation and Authority by Benjamin Sommer, which I am currently reading and look forward to complete. I’ll also be reviewing How the Bible Became Holy by Michael Satlow.

And last, but definitely not the least, The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Theology (Two volumes) is another review I look forward to completing. Though it will be a while because I am reading an encyclopedia. If you’ve ever attempted to read an encyclopedia, you’ll understand the time necessary.

As a grand finale, I will hopefully be starting a series on BibleWorks 10. This is one that I truly look forward to because the program is designed for language research. I’m considering reviewing it with a case study of something in Leviticus. The specific portion for study shall remain a deep, dark secret until the posts are made.


As for upcoming posts, I hope to continue my work with Leviticus, especially the narrative sequence surrounding Leviticus 10. And with a few new works to reference, I hope that I will be able to add unique dimensions to the analysis.

And as usual, I’ll post whatever happens to pop into my brain.

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