“Ephesians” by Trevor Grizzle

In Trevor Grizzle’s commentary on the book of Ephesians, part of the Pentecostal Commentary Series, Grizzle smoothly works through Ephesians in something that seems to be a mixture between exegetical and pastoral. Throughout the entire work, he operates around the elements of the five-fold gospel, the core of Pentecostalism. That means that Jesus is savior, sanctifier, the Holy Spirit baptizer, healer, and coming king. As a whole, the commentary does operate for pastor, lay person, and Bible student, the stated audience of the commentary.

The introduction is thorough in covering the authorship, purpose, themes, dates, and structure of Ephesians. Grizzle approaches this with care, not focusing too much on the scholarship nor focusing only on the application. He finds a fare balance in presenting the elements of the hermeneutical process. This care flows through the rest of the commentary. Additionally, at the end of each chapter, he presents an opportunity for reflection. Because of this, it allows God the opportunity to speak through the text and makes the commentary more than an exegetical paper.

In conclusion, this is an excellent addition to a library for any serious student of the Bible. Although the writing is sometimes quite dense, the applicability of his approach is superb for pastoral ministry. However, if the goal of studying alone is scholarship, there are better books out there which are more organized and focused on the critical issues. Purchase this book if you are looking for an understandable scholarly work with applicability. For scholarship alone, it would be best to utilize a different commentary on Ephesians.

Click here to purchase “Ephesians”, a commentary by Trevor Grizzle.

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