Logos 5

Within the academic and pastoral world, Logos Bible Software has almost become a staple to cost efficient biblical studies. At Northwest University, the College of Ministry is even considering a requirement of purchasing Logos Bible Software for the degree programs. That said, while it is a fantastic program, there are a few downfalls. This review is aimed towards answering one question: Is the cost of the program worth it? In answering this, I will cover three primary points: the software and capabilities, the books, and conclusion and price.

The Software

Before even considering purchasing Logos for a PC or Mac, it is essential to understand that the program will take a strong system. The following are the minimum and recommended requirements.


  • 1.4Ghz Intel or AMD Processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • Windows Vista SP2
  • DVD-ROM drive (only required for non-downloadable items)
  • 20GB Free Space – Internal HDD/SSD Only
  • (May require additional space depending on your library)
  • 1024X600 Display
  • 512MB DirectX 10 Compatible Video Card
  • Internet connection required for activation & updates


  • Intel i5 Processor (or AMD equivalent)
  • 6GB+ RAM
  • Windows 8 Pro (“RT” Not Supported)
  • DVD-ROM drive (only required for non-downloadable items)
  • 1280X1024 display
  • 1GB+ DirectX11 Compatible Video Card
  • 30GB Free Space – Internal HDD/SSD Only
  • (May require additional space depending on your library)
  • Broadband internet connection

Having used Logos Bible Software for about 2 years now, I would highly advise ensuring that your system meets the recommended specs, and perhaps even beyond. Because Logos 5 is so dynamic in inter-connecting every resources, it will needs the speed. If you are able to deal with a slower PC, feel free to meet the minimum.

So, what of the actual capabilities? This is one of the areas where you should decide what you plan on using Logos for. Logos allows the user to do word search through the entire library (depending on the package you choose to purchase, there will be a different number.) I personally have 2,236 items in my library. Another capability is word searches in the original Greek or Hebrew. Now, these can be done with the quick press of a button. They can also be accomplished by doing morphology, clause, and syntax searches. Logos, additionally, allows for passage, sermon starters, and exegetical guides, bible word studies, and topical guides. It also allows for the user to to create in-software documents such as notes, highlights, verse lists, and bibliographies.

I have two criticisms of these various capabilities. 1) Although I am not personally great with languages, my Hebrew professor has commented that, for language alone, Logos is not the best program. Although it is great for basic language, it comes with many unnecessary items if language is the goal. 2) Many of the items within Logos, while helpful, are only helpful to certain people. For example, I spend much time using the morphological search. A student of the Bible who has no training in Greek or Hebrew would not get nearly the same out of that as others would. That said, before purchasing, carefully consider what your goal is and whether or not the price is truly worth the money. If you simply would like commentaries on your PC, go with Olive Tree. If you like a more dynamic and comprehensive program, go with Logos.

The Books

Again, the quality of the books you choose to purchase will vary. It is true, though, that there are hyperlinks between the various references, books, etc. if possible. This is helpful because it makes maneuvering through a vast amount of material much easier.

The individual books specifically vary based on the purchases you make. The most unfortunate thing about Logos 5 is that many of the books are quite old. Even the books they produce are early 20th century and previous. So, while they may still be used, it is not too helpful in continuing modern scholarship. My suggestion for a package would be Gold because it is not the most expensive and it has a good amount of resources and commentaries for study. It is just enough to have newer resources that makes the price worth it. At the same time, it does not give you and abnormal amount of resources, half of which will never be used.


In conclusion, I would definitely advise purchasing this program if you plan on doing biblical studies with at least a basic knowledge of Greek and Hebrew. If you do not know or do not plan on studying either of those languages, you would be better off purchasing books through Olive Tree. In regard to the Base Package, for basic biblical studies with an expectation to move forward, Gold is an excellent choice. Any studies that are simply pastorally aimed would be better accomplished through Bronze or Silver.

Furthermore, if you do plan on using the capabilities, it is worth it. If you look at what Logos 5 is capable of and you don’t think you’ll actually use it, I would suggest going a different route.

Click here for system specifications.

Click here for more details regarding Logos Bible Software.

Click here to view the various packages.


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